Turkey Useful Information

Living Permission

You have the right to travel and live in Turkey if you hold a legal passport and the country you live in has a reciprocal agreement and you are not forbidden to enter Turkey by law. You can enter Turkey with any of the following visas :  Single entry , Multiple visa, Transit visa , Toursit visa.

When you initally enter Turkey you will have bought a tourist visa. This visa is intended for short stay visit. If you intend to stay longer you will need to either : 1. Get a residence permit (automatically granted for the first year to a foreign national who owns a property in Turkey – fees apply, there after you can renew ) 2. Leave the country and buy another tourist visa.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Turkey is in general much cheaper than in other European countries. For example food and grocery costs are about a third cheaper than in the UK , public transport is also reasonably cheap and eating out . Electricity , Water and Taxes are again cheaper in Turkey. Mains water supply is inexpensive as there is no separate standing or sewerage charges – one rate based on water consumption based on your  meter reading.   Electricity in Turkey is 230V , with 50hz frequency. The system uses alternating current (AC)


Education in Turkey is controlled nationally by the Ministry of Education whose website in English can be found at www.meb.gov.tr


In Turkey there are goverment state hospitals and private hospitals . Private hospitals in touristic regions have English speaking doctors and staff . Private health care is cheaper than in other European counties.


There are three types of banks in Turkey, 100% private owned, 100% goverment owned and 50% 50% goverment/private. In tourist regions you can find banks with English speaking staff , most of these banks have websites with English language sections.


Local time all over the country is equal to GMT + 2 hours


The Mediterranean region experiences hot dry summers and mild winters with some rainfall the coldest winter period is December to March at which the daily temperature rarely goes below 15 degrees. The Aegean is simular though with slightly lower temperatures. yacht charter in turkey

Turkish Calender

Below is a list of national holidays for 2016 . On these days or half days most banks , all schools and goverment offices will  be closed

New Year –  1st January

Childrens Bayram – 23rd April

Young People and Sports Bayram – 19th May

Victory Bayram – 30th August

Ramazan / Sugar Bayram ( 4th July half day ) 5th July , 6th July , 7th July

Sacrifice / Kurban Bayram (11th September half day) 12th,13th,14th,15th September

Republic Day – 29th October


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