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Turkey Property Tax Information
The following taxes or compulsory insurances affect purchase of real estate in Turkey:
• Personal income tax
• Inheritance and succession tax
• VAT(if a commercial delivery takes place)
• Real estate tax (similar to Council Tax in the UK)
• Real Estate Acquisition and Purchase Levy (4% based on the declared value of the asset)
• Stamp Duty (if a contract with a monetary clause exists)
• Environmental tax (collected through water utility bills)
• Corporate tax (in case of a commercial transaction of a company)
• Earthquake insurance (a nationwide contribution rate is applied)
. Property tax (0.01% of the property value paid yearly in two installments, May and November)
If you sell your property in the four year period following the acquisition date, you are subject to personal income tax based on the difference between the selling price and the inflation adjusted acquisition price. Producer Price Index (PPI) is applied to acquisition price for inflation adjustment excluding the months in which property is acquired and sold out if the inflation exceeds 10%. For sales by individuals after the four year period following the purchase, no personal income tax is charged on the gains to be attained.

Turkish income tax exempts some rental income from residential buildings for individuals annually. For the year 2007, the residential rental income up to YTL 2,300 is exempted from income tax.
Personal income tax rates for the year 2007 are shown in the table below...
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Cumulative Income (YTL)
Income Tax
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
15% of the income
YTL 1,125 for the previous slice plus
20% of the rest
YTL 3,425 for the previous slices plus
27% of the rest
YTL 9,905 for the previous slices plus
35% of the rest
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